Connect with Support

You can stay connected with our dedicated AMGEVITA support nurse to ensure your treatment journey is as comfortable as possible.

Questions about how to inject?

If you need assistance with using your device or have questions during the injection process, you can view injection videos and/or download the SureClick pre-filled pen instruction guide to guide you through the process.

If you have accessed these resources and have further questions or need assistance with your injection, our support nurse is here to help. You can access support during business hours via phone, or any time via email. If you need to call outside of regular business hours, you can leave a message and the nurse will return your call promptly during business hours.

Injection videos SureClick instruction guide

Contact our AMGEVITA support nurse


Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 5:00pm

After hours: If you are calling outside of the regular hours, please leave a message or send us an email and we will return your message as soon as possible.

Order Sharps Bin
or Alcohol Wipes

It's important to dispose of your used AMGEVITA SureClick pre-filled pens or pre-filled syringes properly, using a sharps bin. You can get a sharps bin from your pharmacy or you can order for free at the link below.

You can also order a pack of 100 alcohol wipes to use prior to your injection. If you would like to order alcohol wipes, please fill out the order form.

Just make sure to have your AMGEVITA pack handy, as you'll need to insert the last 4 digits of the pack bar code to access the order form.

Order form


Issues with your SureClick pre-filled pen or pre-filled syringe?

If your pen or syringe is not working properly, first be sure to review the instructions again and contact our support nurse if you would like help walking through the process of injection.

If you believe you have a defective device and need a replacement, or would like to report a product complaint, you can contact Amgen Medical Information on 0800 443 885 or email


Experienced a side effect or adverse reaction?

If you’ve experienced a side effect when taking AMGEVITA, you can report it to Amgen by contacting Amgen Medical Information. You should also discuss any side effects or adverse reactions with your doctor.

Medical information

For more information on AMGEVITA or the Amgen Biosimilars portfolio, or to report a side effect, adverse event, or product complaint, please contact Amgen Medical Information on

0800 443 885